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N'ICE COUGH DROPS (Honey Lemon) Expires 7/2023-Out of Stock
Assorted flavors including cherry, orange, citrus, honey lemon, menthol and assorted
cough drops - nice

Is your throat scratchy? Feeling sore? Does it hurt to swallow? Do you have a constant cough you just can’t get rid of? Feel a constant tickle in the back of your mouth? Does your body feel weak?

If you are answering yes to one or more of the above, then try NICE to help soothe and relieve your symptoms.


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*30% discount due to upcoming expiration date*
*Please be aware that the expiration date is 7/2023*

For years consumers have relied on NICE Cough & Throat lozenges to provide minor sore throat relief and suppress coughs associated with the common cold. These delicious tasting cough drops appeal to adults and children!! Nice cough drop is available in a variety of flavors: Note: Shipping and Handling included in price.
  • Assorted, sugar free, gluten free, cough drops offered in cherry, citrus, orange - vitamin C and honey lemon provide relief of minor sore throat pain and serves as a cough suppressant
Benefits of Nice Cough Drops
  • Soothes minor sore throat pain
  • Provides relief for consistent coughing
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
Note:Check out Nice Orange has 100% of daily recommended value of vitamin C, which is known to boost immunity

What is a cough drop or throat lozenge?
A cough drop or throat lozenge is a medicated tablet taken orally that is intended to be dissolved slowly to reduce coughs and lubricate and soothe irritated tissues of the throat.

Why NICE cough drops?
NICE cough drops have specific ingredients that help relieve symptoms from allergies, colds and flu such as coughing, sore throat and inflammation. NICE contains Isomalt, a sugar substitute with a consistency of sugar that is safe. These delicious tasting lozenges appeal to adults and children.

Where can you buy NICE cough drops?
NICE products is available at piggly wiggly, ShopKo and soon to be at Price Chopper Supermarkets.

Some allergies related to outdoors may produce scratchy throat or cough. NICE cough drops may be a great way to relieve cough and sore throat due to allergies.

NICE Cough Drops is distributed by
LeoSons Co
10 Maryland Avenue
Albany, NY 12205